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My Wifes First Dildo Experience

My Wife's First Dildo Experience

By John B. - Jul 13, 2009 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 16495 My wife, Elizabeth, and I have been married fro nearly 30 years. During that time we have done nearly every sexual act and or fantasy two people can do except threesomes or group sex. Although we have had very good fantasies about threesomes and such, we decided it was something we rather fantasize about that actually do.One of the things we had also not done is ever use any adult toys, such as dildo, vibrating or not. About a month or two ago we were laying in bed in the morning, having just work up. Elizabeth’s “hint” that she is feeling frisky is that we’ll be laying in bed and she stretch out and lay a leg over me. She had done that and I was laying on my side brushing my hand over her beautifully nude body, soaking in the her still silky smooth, soft skin. My hand was making large and small circles around her tummy, occasional larger circle brushing her nipples and over her pubic hair. It is a great feeling, the smoothness of her skin and than brushing her thick little furry bush.She said, “ titty would like kissed.” So I obliged. Than she said, ”Too bad there aren’t two of you so the other titty could be kissed too.” To which I replied, “Maybe I could clone myself once or twice, than you could have one of us on each titty and one licking your flower.”Elizabeth giggle and said, “Than you could each take turns hopping on top…”This got her so excited that she started to masturbate. It’s something she does when we’re fucking when she gets really horny and I hadn’t touch her pussy yet. I always enjoy when she starts masturbating during sex.She rubbed her pussy to an orgasm, reached for my average 6” dick, and pulled me into her and we had a very good Saturday morning fuck.Her comments got me thinking. The next time we had sex, while I was going down on her pussy, I decided to use the handy little bottle of lubricant like a little dilo. She often enjoyed threesome fantasies of her, me and some other guy. One of her favorite fantasies was having someone fuck her from behind while she’s receiving oral sex. I asked her before whether a man or woman, and she asked, “Does it matter?”Knowing her for since the grade school, I knew she would prefer the fantasy of some other guy fucking her from behind while I sucked on her pussy.During this time I took the small bottle of lubricant, and not knowing exactly how she would react since I did not mention my plan to her, I slipped the small bottle, bottom first of course, up under my chin and pressed it inter her pussy. I’ve used my fingers before while eating her and have stroke her “G” spot, but the thicker bottle seemed to please her a lot even though it didn’t have a curve to it to hit the “G” spot. She started having a good time fucking the bottle and being sucked off by me. Of course, when she started to hit her “high” and orgasm, she grabbing for me to get busy fucking her. I pulled the bottle out and jammed my cock hard into her the way she likes, all the way in hard on the first stroke. We fucked pretty hard, banging the bed into the wall. We can get away with very noisy fucking with the kids out of the house.Elizabeth never said anything about the bottle of lubricant, even though I could certainly tell she had enjoyed it. This got me thinking of being a little more daring.I decided to stop by the local “adult” store and get a dildo that was slightly bigger than my average 6” cock. I didn’t want a monster size cock, at least not right away, since I planned to surprise her at the right moment and didn’t want her to be intimidated. I bought fairly realistic feeling 7 ½ “ dildo that was thicker than my cock. A while back we had had a discussion while driving and I mentioned having someone with about a 7-8 inch cock about 2 inches thick fuck her. She had gotten wet and I fingered her while we drove. I knew I had to plan and approach introducing the dildo carefully. I did not plan to tell her about it, but to literally slip it into her pussy at an opportune time. About two weeks passed before the opportunity came. We had a long weekend off. We’d been swimming in our pool and had some wine afterwards. We headed inside to shower off. While she was in the shower I got out lotion to massage her with, and also slipped the dildo into the inside pocket of my bathrobe. After she showered, Elizabeth laid down on the bed on her stomach to have her massage. She had spread her legs apart so everywhere could be massaged. I proceeded to work the lotion over her shoulders, her arms, down her back, over her still very cute little ass, and down her legs. Leaving her pussy until last, butu occasionally brush over it. I could see her pussy starting to get wet. I started to focus on massaging her ass, which she really enjoys. Spreading her cheeks apart, I dribble lubricant down her crack, over her anus and pussy. I followed this with finger massaging down her crack, around her anus and started working on her pussy. I reached into my robe pocket and pulled out the 7 ½ dildo. Elizabeth still didn’t suspect a thing. I started to nibble over her ass cheeks, down her crack and anus, working my way to her delicious pussy – which was very wet from both her own juices, the lubricant and my own pre-cum that I had squeezed from my cock and mixed in.I nearly fucked her with the dildo than, but I wanted to be sucking on her pussy and clit when I slipped it into her. That is a little diffcult to do from behind. I sat up, hid the dildo, and had her turn over so her front could be massaged. She turned over and spread her legs so I could sit between them while I massaged her. Working my way back to her pussy in the same way I had done he back, I found myself nibbling around her pussy, gently suckig on and parting each of her lips, working my tongue and lips up to and over her clit. Her pussy was drenched from both her own juices, my sucking on it and the lubricant I had used. It was time for the surprise. Working the dildo up under my chin while pressing my lips against the front of her pussy, gently sucking on and around her clit, I could not actually see the dildo, but I could feel it. I was also nervous, not real sure how she would react to me slipping a dildo into her very horny, but unsuspecting pussy. As I slipped the dildo up to her pussy, it was now where she could feel “something” I’m sure as it pressed up from the back of her pussy. I was wondering if I would need to press the head of the dildo in to “make the curve” under my chin at that angle when I realized it was already about 2 inches in! Being as I had used the bottle of lube before as a makeshift little dildo, now was the “moment of truth.”With my tongue and lips gently and firmly sucking on her pussy and clit the way I know she likes, I got a firm grip in the last inch of the dildo and proceed to slip the rest of it into my unsuspecting wife. Elizabeth went absolutely nuts! She started to fuck that dildo like a craze animal in heat. She definitely enjoy the larger size, plus having her pussy sucked on at the same time. I knew it was her fantasy come true. While I gently worked the thicker, longer “cock” into her and licked her excited pussy I looked up at her face. I saw something I had never seen before. She normally closes her eyes as she would cum. She had done that, but now her eyes were rolled so far back in her head from the orgasm she was experiencing that her eyelids were force open and I could see the whites of her eyes! Unfortunately, one of our sons was home so she couldn’t let loose vocally.I kept fucking her with the dildo, licking and sucking on her pussy. After her initial, most intense orgasm I had ever seen her have ( I guess size, and getting oral sex at the same time, does matter!), rather than pulling it out right away I laid off slightly on licking her pussy but kept gently working the dildo in her. In a few minutes she start to orgasm again. This time, I pulled the dildo out of her now dripping pussy (it was sort of what I imagine sloppy seconds would be like) slid my raging cock straight in. She was cumming again and I joined in. When we were done fucking I slid kind of down between her legs, covering the dildo. The wild thing was, I don’t think she ever actually saw the dildo, and she never said a word about it. Even though I think getting fucked by the larger dildo and enjoying her pussy being eaten at the same time was the most intense orgasm she had ever had.She still hasn’t ever mentioned a word about it. I plan to keep it in reserve for “special” occasions.

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