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My Wife Wants To Watch Me

My wife wants to watch me

By HubbyLovesWife - Nov 30, 2008 - From group- sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 64026 I have always wanted to watch my wife getting fucked by another man. I wanted to see her VERY excited, I wanted to see her coming and coming, watching her riding a huge hard cock. I wanted to see her use all her talents to make that cock explode cum all over her. I imagined that this stranger would join us, perhaps on the beach, perhaps in the bedroom. He does not have any specific features, but is healthy, strong, and good-looking. I know that now is the moment and that I have to make this happen, because I know that SHE wants it too... for me to see her totally naked in front of another man, that SHE wants me to see her sucking his cock, fucking him, coming so hard with another man's cock inside her. We both want it. We are standing in front of this stranger, he is sitting facing her, I turn her away from him to kiss her so that he can see her fabulous ass, and I begin to unbutton her top, one by one. I open her blouse and as I turn her toward him, I gently pull it back from her shoulders to expose her breasts. He sits up to better see, he is not sure yet just what is happening but is very interested. I run my hands from her shoulders to her fingers lifting her arms in the air. She is wearing a skirt and I slide it up to show him her lovely long legs. My hands continue up and I discover that she is naked underneath and already getting wet. I raise the skirt higher and she lifts her leg to let him see. She puts a hand between her legs and pushes. I lift the skirt more so he can see her touch herself. She takes her pussy-wet fingers and passes them lightly across his lips. I see that his cock is hard now and I pull her skirt down to the floor, her long legs are apart, her blouse is open but long enough to cover her just a little. She puts both hands between her legs and pushes again, moving closer to his face so he can see the movement of her fingers inside her. While he is enjoying the show, mesmerized by her pussy and the taste on his lips, I begin to undo his pants. I reach inside and find his stiff cock and I pull it up and out and it stands hard and erect. She knows I want to watch her suck his cock, she wants me to see her sucking it. She lets her blouse fall to the floor, now standing in front of him totally naked and pushes her fingers deep inside herself, then taking the wetness and wiping it around the head of his penis, then stroking it, pulling it harder, now she beckons him to stand up and she drops to her knees in front of him. She looks at me as if to say "This is all for you, honey" and takes his cock in her mouth slowly, deeply, swallowing it to the maximum. I love the sight of that beautiful hard cock in my wife's mouth, stretching her lips. She makes love to his cock with her tongue. It is so exciting, my wife totally naked in front of him, her beautiful breasts, his throbbing hard cock against her face, in her mouth. Now she pulls off his pants and lays him on the floor. She stands over him straddling him with both hands spreading the lips of her lovely pussy showing him what he is about to taste. She is rubbing with both hands, slowly descending closer and closer toward his face. She puts her knees on his arms so he can't move and gently settles her pussy on his mouth and begins to move her hips now smothering him totally. I am watching her get more and more excited riding his tongue, his eyes looking up at her swaying breasts. I know the taste in his mouth so well. And I am looking at his beautiful hard cock bouncing up and down with her movements. I can tell she is about to come, so I begin to stroke his cock with my hand. Now she is coming on his face and I can tell he can't breath, she is pushing down on him so hard. I spit on his cock to get it wet and lift her by the hips and pull her back to it. With one hand I spread her lips and with the other I slide his throbbing cock up and down her pussy, then feed it into her. She sits down on the full length of it and I see the pleasure in her face, and in his. I know what he is feeling, so hot, so wet, so com completely consuming. She begins to ride it bouncing up and down, then front and back grinding her clit hard on his pelvis. I know exactly how good that feels.I look at her and see that she is really enjoying this fucking, and especially the show she putting on for me and I get in front of her to see her face, she looks in my eyes as if to say "thank you, this is great" - we kiss a long luscious kiss - at this point my hard cock is right in front of him, touching his face... he takes it in his hand and begins to stroke me just perfectly. It is so cool to see her face about to come again and feel his hand on me making me harder and harder. Now I move behind them so I can see his cock going in her. He raises her hips to show me and begins to fuck her so fast and so hard, I know one of them is going to come soon. But it is too soon. I hold her ass for a minute while he pumps into her then I cup his balls in my hand squeezing them just hard enough but not too hard. I lift her off his cock now because we are both going to penetrate her and I want to be on the bottom to see her face when he enters her. His cock is so hard now and so wet from her juices, I just stare at it. My wife sees me looking at it, she says nothing, but she takes the base of his cock in one hand and places her other hand on the back of my head, pushing me down toward it. Just an inch away now, she pushes me until the tip touches my lips and I can smell and taste her. She slides his cock back and forth over my lips. "Open your mouth, honey, I want to see you suck him. Make him come for me, baby. I want him to come in your mouth."I can't stop myself. I couldn't if I wanted to. I open my mouth slowly and extend my tongue to lick the underside. It is salty and hot, hard yet soft. I think of the things I like most, and I open my mouth wide and bring it all in, descending to the base of it with my wife's hand pushing me down all the way. It fills my mouth com completely and forces the back of my throat, I gag a little at first but recover and hold the full length of it in my mouth.I can taste my wife's pussy, what she tastes like deep inside. The taste is a perfect mix of her and the wetness coming from his cock. I try to hold all of it in my mouth, I know how good that feels, but it is just too big to continue, so I pump up and down on him as fast as I can. My wife lays her head on his abdomen, staring straight into my eyes. "Do you like it, baby? Suck him good, baby. Make him come." She is rubbing her pussy now and I can see that she will come again soon. I speed up my movements and take his cock in my hand, jacking him faster and faster to catch up with her. She is very close now, and I beat his cock mercilessly while trying to keep the head in my mouth, licking it like a clitoris. My wife is staring at me, but her eyes are far away, now her back arches and she lets go a pulsating climax as strong as I have ever seen. She lets out a scream and shudders and I feel his cock pulsing in my mouth, pumping. I force my head down to the limit, every inch of him, and his cock beats against my throat and unleashes a flood of hot, salty cum. I had had a cock in my mouth once before ages ago, when I was very young just experimenting with a friend, but this was my first real experience and the first time I had made a guy come. And now this cock is pumping cum into my mouth, pumping more and more, choking me with cum, my wife watching it all.I swallow some, there is so much, then release his cock and move to my wife to kiss her, a deep long passionate french kiss, letting the cum mingle in our mouths together then spreading it on her face, sliding our cheeks together, our faces both covered in cum. We rest for a moment, so much in love and so happy to share this experience together. "Oooo, I really liked that, baby, " she says. "Now it is your turn. Lay down, close your eyes."My cock is rock hard. She puts her mouth around me and takes it in and now I am a little suprised that I feel his mouth around me as well, helping her. It is heaven getting sucked by a guy and a girl at the same time. Now she straddles me, spreads her pussy and sits down on my cock. Her pussy is so hot inside from the fucking she just had, I think I will come in her right away, but I control myself. He stands above us with his cock at her face and again she takes it in her mouth and sucks him to erection. It is SO sexy, my cock deep in her pussy and his cock deep in her mouth just a few inches away. I drink in the moment. She masters his cock and brings it to full size again in just a few minutes. Now she leans down to my face to kiss me again, to give me the taste again and to expose her lovely ass to him. I see that he is behind her, licking her, and sometimes I feel his tongue on my cock as it slides out of her. Now he rises and I pull her close to me, holding her tight always watching her face. He stands behind her. Now she moans and I know he is entering her. She breaths in so hard I know it hurts, but it soon becomes pleasure on her face. I feel his cock pushing against mine. He begins to stroke and it is the most incredible feeling cock against cock inside of her. Now we both begin to stroke taking turns sliding into her, fucking her from both sides and her FACE is just so amazing to see - she is totally out of control, SO getting fucked, SO hard. SO happy. uuuummmmmm

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