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My Wife Loves Two Cocks

My Wife Loves Two Cocks

By - Oct 14, 2007 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 47392 Well... it happened shortly after we got married. Less than months actually. For some strange reason, that December night, my innocent and sometimes socially anxious wife Valerie, was feeling very free. Normally, a very jealous person, for some odd, weird reason that night, she suggested we go to a strip club. This was at a time in my life when I would go to such establishments every six months or so with friends, and usually confess to a very angry wife. For her to offer to go, was something so out of the blue, I still have a hard time understanding the motivation. She suggested we call a friend, not my usual friends, but a stranger to her. I that point I began to wonder if she secretly wanted to have sex with someone. I had talked before about my desire to watch her with another guy. At first it frightened her... it is a strange concept. But during heated moments of sex, I had learned to incorporate the use of toys... and talking very, very dirty to her. I got to the point, where I could get her to look me deep in the eyes, and then I would say, "I want you to fuck another man. I want to come home and hear the shower running and you moaning as you're being fucked by another guy." At which point she would orgasm instantly. I actually don't know if she was manipulating the situation or me that night. But the friend, the stranger she hasn't met, was by far the best looking of all my friends. He was much different than me. I am very, very thin. And he was very muscular. I am not gay whatsoever, but from my perspective he is what I perceived as the ideal wanted by women. I didn't feel threatened by him. I was turned by the idea. But I also didn't see it as a possibility. Valerie is well, bashful and sexually repressed most of the time. I have seen glimpses of her slutty side. But most of the time, she stops herself from expressing fantasies about multiple partners, or fucking someone in front of me. That night, she was free and liberated. It was like a switch had been flipped. I called Jeff, and went and picked him up. He and Valerie hit it off immediately. He has a really goofy self-confidence that Valerie found com comfortable. She ordered her favorite drink, Margarita-salt. As the night went, Jeff and I took turns handing dollars to the girls. We bought Jeff dances. After a couple of drinks Valerie was lit. When she was walking to the ladies room, I caught him staring at her, and his eyes wandering down to my wife's ass. I told him how it was my fantasy to watch Valerie with another guy and if he thought that was strange. To my surprise Jeff and fulfilled the role of surrogate sex partner for another couple before and he told me how great it was for everybody, and how he could seduce Valerie, jokingly of course. I told him I was 100% for it. We drove back to our apartment, and made more drinks. Valerie was very, very horny. I turned on the radio and got behind her and started to bump and grind my wife with the beat of the music. Instantly she began rubbing back. Oblivious to Jeff. Then Jeff walked into the kitchen and began bumping and grinding my wife from the front. She almost lost control, as she guided both of us to the living room. Then Jeff shocked me and Valerie, but unzipping his pants and pulling his engorged cock out not 12 inches from Valerie's face. And then my beautiful, faithful, shy wife said something I will never forget. She took his cock in her hand, began to open her mouth, and then turned her head to me and asked, "Do you mind?" I said, "No, please go for it." She laughed, "Oh goodie!" Then Valerie began sucking Jeff's cock right in front of me. She was so ready, and began removing her pants instantly. I moved around the other side to help remove them. Her jeans and panties came off at once. I then watched her grab his dick and slide it in her. After brief amount of fucking, they realized they should slow it down. She stood up her shirt still on, and Jeff and pulled it up. I got to unhook her bra as she kissed him. Kissing him deeply at first, pulling and giving away to touching tongues, flicking each other playfully, ending in the moans of Valerie. As her bra came off, her nipples poked stiffly waiting for our tongues to lick them with the same playful flicks. I can still remember what that was like, feeling the vibration of her moans as I kissed her neck. Reaching down to feel her wet pussy only to find that Jeff's fingers were already inside her. She then reached down for Jeff's head slowly pulling it up and said, "I want to ride you!" She took him to the corner of the room. Almost wanting privacy from me, and rode him. Rode him, feeling every inch of his cock deep inside her. He was definitely wider than me, and Valerie was definitely in ecstasy from it. What a rush it was to see her glistening pussy riding up and down on the fat cock of another man. To see his hands grab her ass, spreading her cheeks, and rubbing his finger on the rim of her ass. I watched every stroke and almost came on myself when I saw her cream on his cock as she orgasmed. He then took her over to the middle of the living room and laid her down. He ate her out while she sucked on my dick. She was writhing again in ecstasy when she bolted up. She then whispered in my ear that he had just stuck his tongue in my wife's asshole. I couldn't take it anymore, I told her I wanted to fuck her now. And after only a few seconds of fucking her from behind I came in her. Probably the other image I had seared in my brain, was when, after going to bathroom to clean up, walking back in on my wife and Jeff kissing and groping up against a wall. For the first time that night, she was acting outside of the controlled environment of me watching. She had no idea that I had come back in and went after what she wanted. Spent from the sex, we decided to relax on our balcony. She sat in the middle of us, rubbing his leg and my leg, more like petting. As we sat, I began feeling instantly horny again. I told her I wanted to watch her fuck again. My shy, innocent wife, then came out in a black teddy, and said, "Which one of you boys wants me first!" I told her I wanted to see her ride Jeff again. So there on the couch for the second time that night, she climbed on his lap sliding his cock straight up inside her. After a few minutes, she wanted on me, so she hopped off of his lap and onto mine, and I fucked my wife again, cumming inside her. We never again have done that since, though I have practically begged. Since that time, we have talked about it, and one thing I learned about that night, years later, was that she had no clue I arranged it. She was acting strictly from the alcohol, so she says. I am still hoping that one day, when I can see that free and liberated side of Valerie.

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