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How to Tell Good Posture From Bad By Shannon Clark

One aspect of health and fitness that many people don't give much consideration to is that of good posture. It is important to start raising your awareness of whether or not you're using good posture because if you aren't, you're not only going to set yourself up for an increased chance of injury, but you're also going toe across to other people as less confident and not look as well.
Developing good posture isn't something that's all that difficult to do, it's more a matter of recognizing what good posture is from bad. Once you are able to do this, then some simple adjustments are all that will be needed.
Here's how to tell.
Back Alignment
The first thing to look at - and what most people will naturally notice right off the bat when assessing good posture, is the alignment position the back is in.
While some of us do tend to have more of a curved spine form, it should not be so curved that it's looking more like an 'S' than a straight line. When this type of form is being used, changes need to be made immediately as the lower back will be under a great deal of stress and lower back problems are almost certainly on the way.
Ideally you want a pretty much up and down line when ites to your back, with as small of a sway as possible.
The best way to achieve this position is to think about squeezing the glute (bum) muscles, since this will cause the hips to shift slightly forward and upwards, putting the back in a better alignment.
Head Position
The next thing to look at when considering whether someone has good posture is the head alignment. Is their head slightly raised and pressed forwards? If so, that person is demonstrating good posture quite well.
Many people actually carry their heads pressed back, which can cause excess strain on the neck over time, leading to shoulder and neck pain. So, immediately take note of your head position. It still needs to feel natural, but it should be adjusted slightly forwards.
If you're at work, you'll also want to check the height of your desk andputer screen, as that can be something that causes a number of issues in itself.
Shoulder Position
Finally, the last thing to look at when determining good posture is the position of the shoulders. Are they taking on a rounded appearance? This is the surest sign of improper posture.
The shoulders should be pressed back slightly, so that the chest is open and if you were to place a ruler across the back, both shoulder blades would be touching it. This again is a simple fix - you just need to think about squeezing your shoulder blades together and it will instantly solve the problem.
So, have a look over your current stance. Are you using good posture? If not, it's time to make some quick changes.
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