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Thundering horses and half naked chicks

Thundering horses and half naked chicks

Does the sound of a high airflow, turbo injected V8 send shivers down your spine? Do you appreciate $30, 000 paint jobs? What about $50, 000 worth of stereo equipment? How do you feel about a semi that has been bushed and chromed? Does the sight of a bike built for speed put a smile on your face? How about hot, hot babes in clinging clothes and bikinis crawling all over these? Do you like to watch hot girls on the racetrack? What about insane crashes at high speeds and hilarious crashes when they are barely moving? Do you prefer Formula 1 to street racing? Or do you like drifting almost as much as off road? Do you like events where the drivers and the vehicle have to be able to handle all kinds of terrain or do you prefer watching them travel at 180+ mph as they travel in loops? It doesn't matter which one of these that you prefer, Motorsport Mad has a video for you. You can watch speed vids, driving expertise or lack of it and people watching the action with equal ease. There are videos of the big rig races, showing all six tires spin as they thunder across the track. There are go-kart races on dirt and paved tracks. They have the incredible speeds of Formula 1 and stock car. You can see some of the best footage on idiots trying to outrun the cops as well as footage of beefed up rides that do outrun the cops. They have burnouts from go-karts to motorcycles and crash test dummies trying out the newest cars. You can see the behind the scenes footage of rigged out movie cars as well as behind the scenes footage of shoots, cars, models, models and cars (occasionally, if you look hard enough, naked models and cars). You can see what comes from some guy shooting his hot girlfriend in a bikini bottom and white t-shirt, no bra, washing his hot rod. This can all be found at the unusual video sharing community, and it's all free. That's right, all free. Somebody set up a site where anyone could load their footage, as long as it deals with some form of land transportation or hot babes, and where anybody could watch the footage at no cost to anyone. You may wonder how such a wealth of viewing opportunities can be free. After all most of these vids involving women you have to pay for. Not here, at Motorsport Mad, the viewers also provide the videos. Sure, sometimes exciting moments during the races are captured when a professional photographer is in charge of recording the action, but the news coverage doesn't usually spend much time on the hot chicks that frequent the racetracks and the car shows. Those videos come from viewers like yourself. The site owners appreciate it if you visit their sponsors so that they can continue providing this at no charge, but they don't demand it. So, go to motorsportmad motorsportmad and enjoy yourself for a bit. You will probably want some popcorn, candy, coke and either your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, friend with benefits or best of all, your car, and spend an evening watching the thundering horses.
motorsportmad Motorsport Mad has a video for you. They have the incredible speeds of motorsportmad Formula 1 and stock car.

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