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My Wifes Sister

My Wifes Sister

By Dickguy - Nov 7, 2009 46775 My wife has a sister who is three years her elder. Sis has been widowed for 6 months, after 45 years of marriage and her husband had been in very poor health for the past 12 years. They had always lived at least halfway across the country from where ever we lived, so we did not spend a lot of time together. They never did have any children, and I never thought it was my business to ask why. The last time we saw Sis was at her husband's funeral last September. She had been a hairdresser or beautician until she retired several years ago, when her husband was so ill.
Sis wanted to get away for a while, and stayed with us for a week, earlier this year. We always felt com comfortable while visiting her or her staying with us, but this visit was different, since she was now alone.
One day during her visit, the two girls were involved in their "girl-talk" and discussing how their lives were going and apparently the conversation turned to each other's sex lives. My wife showed Sis some of the photos I had taken of her, that were very revealing. It started out with just tit and pussy shots of my wife, and then Sis asked if she had ever taken similar photos of me. She dug a little deeper into our photos and came up with some nice shots she had taken of my cock, both soft and erect. I was not present when all this was going on.
My wife started to learn things about Sis that we had never known. It seems that she and her husband had been quite sexually active in their early years, but had never let us know about it for one reason or another. Sis told of some swinging they had done in the 60's and 70's, and my wife mentioned that we have been going to nudist resorts for many years.
After looking at our photos, they went to some websites that feature similar photos of various cocks and pussies, both hairy and shaved. Sis was fascinated by the photos of shaven pussies and men's cocks, as they are presented on some of those sites.
She amazed my wife when she said she might like to try that sometime. My wife offered to help her shave if she was serious and jokingly offered my help to do the job. Sis was getting a little excited at the thought and said that might be a good idea. When my wife recovered from the surprise, they came to me and told me what they had been talking about. We all looked at some of the photos on the computer and suddenly the three of us seemed to be "closer" than we had ever been before.
We talked about how we might go about doing the shaving. I mentioned that it might be interesting to have some before and after photos, and Sis agreed. At this point, I asked if they might want to shave me too, after all she had been a hairdresser for all those years. I couldn't believe it when they agreed to shave me after we finished Sis. I suggested that we do my wife too, but she had an appointment with her gynecologist in 3 weeks and wanted to wait until after that.
Things were moving forward quickly now and I was really surprised that Sis never hesitated to take off her bra and panties right in front of us. That certainly had never happened before. We decided to all take a nice hot shower to soften the pubic hair and get us all in a nice warm friendly mood. She couldn't believe that her brother-in-law was standing there in the large shower stall along with her and her sister and we were lathering her up all over her body. Standing close in the shower with two naked women gave me a tremendous erection, which did not go un- noticed by either of the girls. My wife and I are quite used to being naked together in the company of others, but only at nudist resorts, where there just isn't that sexual, erotic atmosphere. I can't explain it, but I have never gotten an erection in public nudity.
After the shower, she laid back on the table with her legs spread so we could get to work with the shaving cream and razor. I took a couple of "before" photos and then got to work. It seemed so "unreal" that while I had never seen Sis naked in all the years we had known each other, here I was lathering her up and rubbing my hands all over her cunt while shaving. We started by cutting all we could with scissors, and then finished the fine work with disposable razors. It looked beautiful when we finished. After working with my hands and fingers all around her pussy for 30 minutes, and having my face within 12 inches of it, I didn't give it a second thought, but just leaned forward and gave it a nice firm kiss when we were finished. That didn't surprise my wife, but you should have seen the look on Sis's face. I think she thought she had just gone to heaven. We just let it go at that, to see what might happen next. We took some "after" photos of our handiwork.
Now they agreed it was time to shave me. I stroked my cock a few times and they took some before photos of me too. We moved from the table I had shaved Sis on, to our bed, which worked out better for all of us. Let me tell you here and now, the feeling of my wife and her sister spreading shaving cream all over my pubic area, and a strange pair of hands holding, moving and squeezing my cock for the first time in our married life, was unbelievable. At this point, Sis commented that she had not seen a cock for over six months and had not been fucked for 12 years.
The only sex she had had since her husband had been sick. She had given him an occasional blowjob and more often than that, when she jacked him off. I could tell by her way of talking about it, that she really missed it. It appeared that more than anything else, her handling of my cock, woke her up sexually. They took about 40 minutes to shave me, as none of us have ever had any experience at shaving a scrotum. I'm sure glad they both had steady hands. When they had finished, they took some” after" photos of their work too.
I left the room to go to the bathroom after my shave was com complete and the girls must have started to discuss things. Sis asked my wife if she would mind letting her jack me off, which we figured was her way of getting some kind of release. My wife had a much better idea. She told Sis how much she enjoyed my cock in her pussy and asked Sis if she would like to have me fuck her, rather than jack me off. I guess she wanted to share me with her older sister in her time of need. When I returned and saw them both still naked and a very strange look on their faces, I knew something was up. I was standing there with the first hard on I had with my newly denuded cock and balls. It felt fantastic. The two girls looked at me and my cock and my wife asked me if I would like to give Sis what she so badly needed, her first fuck in 12 years. I now thought I had died and gone to heaven.
Like the gentleman I am, I asked if she was sure that was what she wanted. She answered by reaching for my cock and pulling me over to her. The shaving was one thing, but now we were getting into something very new for us.
An Air Force Chaplain, told me once many years ago, that, "A stiff prick has no conscience." That all came back to me, as I laid Sis back on the bed and my wife took my cock and aimed it at the freshly shaved and I might add, very wet pussy. As I gently slid into the first shaved cunt I have ever been "Up close and personal" with, I also started rubbing her clit with my fingertip. She was nearly passing out from the pleasurable feelings she had gone without for all those years. I halfway expected her to call out her husband's name, but she didn't
My wife was right there watching and grabbed the camera and took some close- ups of my cock entering her sisters pussy. I wish I could say it lasted for hours, but with the sexual feelings of all three of us running so high, I came in her pussy in less than two minutes, but she came too at the same time I did. I could not believe how tight she was, but suppose it was normal for a cunt that had not been fucked for over ten years. Over the years I have kissed Sis many times, in a brother-in-law type of kiss.
I didn't think that same kind of kiss would be appropriate after I had just filled her vagina with a load of my cum, so she got a kiss that was more like what my wife gets on a regular basis. We all lay there on the bed while Sis and I caught our breaths, and my wife decided she wanted to clean Sis's juices off my now deflating dick. It was the first time she took me in her mouth since the shave, and the first time she had ever tasted her sisters cum too.
Sis and I showered again, separately this time, and then all went out for lunch, to celebrate Sis's re-awakening, my now smooth scrotum and cock and the thought of me shaving my wife in a couple weeks. Sis has gone back home now, and we are wondering how our relationship with Sis will be from this point on.

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