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My Younger Sister Is Such A Turn On

My Younger Sister Is Such A Turn On

By Ian - Jun 6, 2010 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 33926 I had been separated for about a year and had settled into a new house on the south coast. My sister Rachael lived about 300 miles away and in her 23 years I had only seen her a few times, I had left home for the big world shortly after she was born when I was 16 but at this time I was fast approaching the big 40.
Anyway, Rachael had wanted to visit me as we hardly knew each other and as she had just finished a relationship she thought it would be good to spend a couple of weeks with me. I was thinking what could we do for two weeks together as I don't do families. Anyway, she arrived and I had not seen her for 4 years and although she looked good then, she was stunning now and I immediately got aroused by my thoughts especially as she is my sister.
I had prepared a dinner and we chatted all of the late afternoon and early evening. We talked about the family, and our failed relationships, I could really talk and listen to Rachael, I could not help but notice a glint in her eye. I don't know why, but I told her that I found her so warm and friendly that I could spend the rest of my life with her, I was very very open and told her exactly how I was feeling about her and that I could make love to her then and forever. With that she moved close to me and we embraced and started to kiss, it was not long until I was fondling her all over and we assisted each other in stripping. I felt her wet pussy with my fingers as she gently stroked my rock hard penis. Rachael then went down on me and whilst moving her head up and down my penis kept her eyes fixed onto mine as much as possible. She was so soft and sweet that I had to enter her. I pushed her back onto the floor and she spread her legs, as I entered her I could feel that I was coming and a small amount of spunk cam out as I mentally tried to fight off the urge to come. The thought of making love to my sister was a kinky feeling, I had done things in the past including a bi-sexual experience but this took the biscuit.
It was not long until Rachael came the first time and when she came the second time a few minutes later, I exploded and I came and came again.
For the next two weeks we made love over and over again and was pleased that Rachael decided to move south and in with me.I am pleased to say that we have been together now for 16 years and still get the same experience when we make love together.

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