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3 Some On The Eighth Tee

3 Some on the Eighth Tee

By Bob, Jack & Shelly - Sep 27, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 12358 A co-worker (Jack) came up to me the other day and asked me if I would take the afternoon off and play a round of golf with him. “Sure, I happen to have my clubs with me” The daily shipments were out and none coming in so we took off at noon. “Say, Bob I do have a tee time at 1pm We have time to have ah beer before we go out” We stopped in the clubhouse bar and ordered a couple beers a piece. We headed to the first tee. We had to wait for this lady to tee off. She was a single player. She hit her ball off into OB. I looked at Jack; “Damn this is going to be a long round today I can see it now” We waited until she was hitting off the 2nd tee. I didn’t take long to catch up to her. So waited again. We sat and finished our beer. She was on the 4th by the time we were ready to go.
Again we were behind her in no time. She said, ”I’m sorry guy’s I’m just learning to play” Jack ask her if we could play through. What does that mean she asked, looking at us? “It’s courtesy, there is a lot more to this gave than hitting a ball OB Jack replied. I said, “ Slower players need to let the next group go ahead of them. You are slowing the entire course down, lady.
We are going to play though, Mon Jack“ “No, no Bob let her play with us (wink Wink) She was rather attractive. Light brunette shoulder length hair. Sky blue eyes and a nice round firm ass with a set of Big Humongous! About 36’s I guess, maybe a C or D cup. She was showing around 5” of cleavage too. “Sure Jack maybe we can show her a few pointers to this game, she is pointing the right direction too” Her nipples were pointing right down the fairway!
What do people call you when their not pissed I asked?
She said, “Oh I’m Shelly, Nice to meet you guys’”
I’m Bob and this Jack. Will you finish this round with us I asked”
Shelly said, “You guys know I’m new at this.
“Yeah we know, maybe we can show a few things”
“Oh that would be splendid, I’m going to surprise my fiancée. We are going to get married in July. He’s taking me to the Bahamas for our honeymoon”
Where is he Jack asked?
“He’s in California looking for a house to buy” Some dark clouds moved in above us. Looks like rain I said. We continued on our way. Jack showed her how to hold the driver while he was staring down her cleavage. Jack told me that there were some nice rolling hills down there. Shelly looked at him and smiled.
“Jack you mean these” she pointed to her breasts.
“Yeah I mean those. You can use those nipples as aiming points, if you keep your nipples pointed at the ball. You will never top it” We all laughed. We played the 5th 6th & 7th hole before it started to rain.
“There is a rain shack/restroom on the 8th tee, Ca’mon get in there before we all get soaked, ” Jack said. We got in the shack just as the rain started to come down in buckets. Shelly asked, “What do we do now?”
“Shelly, we wait for the rain to stop” The lightning started with a Big Crash Bang Bomb. Shelly mentioned we could be stuck in here a long time huh? Hummm I thought. She said she was getting chilly. Jack leaned in close and kissed her flat on the mouth. She asked, “What was that all about Jack? I can’t do that cuz I’m getting married in July”
You said that you were chilly. We can keep you warm. He kissed her again. She moaned a short little sigh as she kissed him back. Shelly stared to breath heavy & her nipples were really sticking out hard and round. I moved my hand to see exactly what was causing her to point so. She didn’t try to stop me. Shelly’s tits were right were right in the cup. I had a hand full of the firmest titties ever. She leans back against the back wall of the shed. She started to say ‘Oh my, that feels so good, but we mustn’t do this, Bob! Oh Yeah squeeze my nipples again, Bob. I rolled her right nipple with my fingers. We mustn’t do this guy’s. She started to unzip slacks. When she had my cock in her tiny hand she started sucking me off, I was like a R/R spike in her hand; Jack slowly took her shorts off. “She was playing golf without any panties. Wow!” you talk about a turn on. Shelly’s cunt was smooth as a babies butt and a smell of body powder.
I was being given the most terrific wet blowjob while Jack was on the floor and had his face in the middle of her thighs. Shelly was stilling saying “That we can’t continue this, Please stop!” We mustn’t, do this. I’m due to be married in July” Shelly’s mind was telling us one thing while her body was telling a different story. She kept pumping my dick like an antique cistern pump.
“Jack” she screamed, “Suck my clit and make me cummm. While I empty Bob’s balls” “I can fell my pussy twitch, I’m Cummin Jack, Oh Suck my pussy Jack” Jack had received a shower of bodily fluids. Her orgasm made her get after my cock. Spilt seconds divided each stroke; her grip on my dick was so tight. I felt my balls about to bust. Shelly increased her assault on my cock.
She said, “I suck you guy’s down my throat, I’ll cum in your face. I’ll do anything you want, but your not going to fuck me” I started to spew short spurts from my balls. Shelly felt my dick grow in her grip. She sucked me down her throat in one gulp. She gagged a few times, but she never quit. She swallowed my cum and my cock. She continued milking my manhood until it was dry. A few droplets landed on her chin, she used that amazing tongue to wipe her chin and then she looked at us and smiled. “Is that a-hole-in-one guys? Jack I’ll swallowed you off the next time” she said.
As we rested a while asked her if she was still chilly. Shelly looked at me & with cum stain on her chin and grinned. ”No, Bob I’m now, fact is I am kind of warm all over” “Hey Look, It stopped raining” We heard group of golfers walking close by. It had stopped raining, the sun returned. One of the men in the group said, Sam there is there sets of clubs here. These guys must have been caught in the rain. Let’s take their clubs back to the clubhouse.
We had to scramble to get dressed and stop these guys. Jack hollered at them. “Wait guy’s wait we’re here!” They turned and one said. “You have been in there long enough to have fucked someone”. Just then Shelly and Bob walked out. You could see the grins on these guys. They all knew what had happened.
“Hey Shelly”, Jack said, Let’s make a tee time for Friday afternoon we can show you more golf tips?” “Sure she said, I wanna learn as much as I can so I can show my fiancée”. I’ll go reserve tee time. We tee off at 12:40 and with that we went our own ways.
Our boss told us to take off at noon because we had to be in Dallas on Monday. Friday morning just went on for hours. Bob & I were ready to play some golf. Bob & I took off at noon. We headed right to the golf course. “Hi Guy’s Shelly said, “We tee off in ten minutes” we played the first nine holes, I was 3 under, while jack was 4 over because he was wondering when we were going to fuck Shelly silly.
The 10th, 11th and the 12th jack seen the restroom / rain shack on 13th tee. He whispered he was already hard and ready. Shelly stepped in the ladies room to got pee. Jack un-locked the door with his pocket knife and walked in. Shelly was in the third stall peeing like she had a bladder full. She was lifting her panties up and Jack said, “Don’t put that away just yet I started to go in when I seen a “out-of-order” sign. I hung it on the ladies rest room door and locked it behind me. Shell was on her knees with Jack’s dick half way down her lovely throat. I stepped up to them, Shelly lowered my zipper and with one move she had my cock out and began stroking it. She was sucking on Jack’s dick, stroking mine and flicking her clit with her other hand.
She moaned with a look on her face like, “Come Get Me” I leaned down and fingered her hot little fuck hole fore some time. Shelly was after something. She told us earlier we couldn’t fuck her. I think that had changed. She was moaning more loudly and squirming. Jack was about to shoot his load down her neck when she said, Jack fuck my face, cum all over me, I want to swallow you whole. She didn’t know it but her squirming has caused her panties to come off of her hips. She removed them with one swipe of her hand. Jack un-loaded his dick full right down in her gullet. Shelly continued to suck him dry and wiped off his residual cum from her chin and swallow it.
She turned to me and deep throated my cock. I felt my balls hit her chin. She told me to stand up. She pushed me back & I landed on the toilet. She mounted me face to face and she dry humped me for a while, I had an idea. I waited for her to rise up off me and then I’ll sit her down on my love stick. She was going wild with lust. Screaming out loud “ Rub my clit with that cock. Oh Yeah Yeah” She rose up enough and I pointed my dick at her cunt entrance. She came down and she went down all the way. She started calling me an ass hole for slipping my dick in her. She said she would do anything but fuck us. She was up-set, but her pussy sure wasn’t. She kept riding me for all it was worth. She even moved in closer to my chest. We fucked while she told us we were not going to fuck her.
Shelly’s face was flushed as she squinted and she pinched her nipples, “Oh My Gawd” She said, “I’m going to cum. Fuck me faster and hard! She was in the middle of a long satisfying orgasm. Her movements never slowed down. Her pussy muscles milked my cock I started to feel an explosion coming. Shelly had known my wad coming up. She moved in real close while we fucked there on the toilet. Her hips were making short up and down strokes making sure the pressure was there. Her pelvic bone was riding above my dick making it worst to hold my ejaculation. “Oh Bob, fuck me, Fuck me harder. Let’s cum together she said. “Yeah Bob Right now! Cum in my love hole. “Oh BOB, FUCK ME, And FUCK MY TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY EVEN HARDER. Let’s cum together she said. “Yeah Bob Right now! Cum in my love hole. OH FUCK YESS! FUCK YEAH! She kept repeating. It was too much to hold on too. I let her have it. One big burst on cum hit the back of her cunt. She continued to ride me until I was spent. Hard to breath, cotton-mouthed.
I looked over at Jack; he had his dick in her face again. “Bob” he said, “Bob, Shelly is one hot little fuck machine. Either get up, move over cuz I want some of that snatch. I got off the toilet and jack sat down. Shelly didn’t hesitate; she turned on him and sat on his cock. She yelped a little more for him. Jack is a bit bigger around than I am. Shelly was taking long slow movements. Jack’s cock is hitting her clit with a vengeance. I could tell she wouldn’t last long, Jack either for that matter. His eyes had closed lightly as he said he was about to give her his life seeds.
“Damn Shelly Fuck My Dick” Oh Jack I’m Cummming again. OH FUCK YESS! FUCK YEAH! FUCK ME DEEP”! She said. Soon they both had their orgasms together as she & I did. I could hear Jack’s cum as it hit her cervix. It’s a slurp, soupy sound. We were done. Two holes in (one) session. She told us that she wasn’t a virgin. A neighbor kid broke her cherry when she was about 11 years old. She said she told her self then she wasn’t going to fuck anyone else until her wedding night. OOPS!
We didn’t even finish our round. Shelly took our work phone numbers, Just in case her marriage didn’t work. She knew where she could get laid! We kissed her and said our goodbyes……….

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