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Extra Ordinary Fucking

Extra Ordinary Fucking

By Anjali Sharma - Feb 23, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 6775 Life had been rushing past. Marriage right after my graduation followed by a child had not helped matters. In fact as far as I remember I had never been on my own and had suddenly started feeling old. My daughter was 10 and self reliant and it was now that I realized that I existed. I had to somehow start to live my life else I would go mad. With daughter grown up and my hubby busy in his business there was not too much I did during the day except cook and clean.I took this decision that I wanted to study more and enrolled myself in a distance education program from a reputed university. The course was on Sociology and I needed reference material. I wracked my brains and realized that there was this library some 10km from our house where I could become a member and take care of the referencing. I was not mobile so I told myself that the distance permitted me to either take an autorick or go by public bus.One evening over dinner I announced to my husband my plan and he obviously had nothing to add so it was silently approved. He knew by now I was headstrong and luckily let me have my way. Having kept a nanny for my daughter so that could be free for a couple of hours in the afternoon/evening I started going to the library from the next day itself. Going there was quite a feeling. It felt I was entering a different world. Looking and hearing boys and girls talk and laugh and dress made me feel weird. Times had changed. I was not too old 32 and after my daughters birth had managed to come back in shape. Though I didn�t exactly have a hourglass figure but I was 5 ft 4 with a figure that could still turn a few heads.Catching a young guy look had me made my heart skip a beat. Sex had been long confined to the dustbin as my husband did not have any time and my daughter hogged most of my time. Looking at the way the girls dressed up at the university and the library made me envious. Here was I in either saris or salwar kameez and the girls with tank tops and jeans, skirts all of which a couple of sizes short made me feel prehistoric. Whenever I would spy a couple kissing behind book shelf�s or behind the library building I would kind of feel horny and moist between my legs secretly cursing my situation.2 months had passed and I was now a regular with quite a few people recognizing me. I had also a couple of guys seem interested in me the way they would look which would please me. The librarian was also a sweet middle aged fellow who I thought went out of his way to help me. One day when I could not find a particular title he volunteered to help. I followed him to the shelf where he thought the book could be found. The author I was looking was not to be found but he came up with a couple of other authors. While handing over the stack of books to me his hand brushed my left breast. He smiled and left me to consult the books. I was panting as I kind off felt excited. In fact over the next couple of days I noticed the librarian had an extra zest when I walked in and he was always there to find titles which I needed. My breast used to be regularly grazed while the books were given to me which somehow always came in a stack.I guess my silence must have encouraged him as now he used to stand close to me when I was searching on the racks of books. One day he walked with an open book as I stood and started showing me some information he had picked up. As I glanced over his right hand he moved his hand so that his elbow now as pressing against my left breast. I remained like this for a few minutes and in fact pressed by breast on his elbow. This would have made him very happy as I could feel him breathing deeply. I decided to be a little more naughty. Next day I was wearing a sari with a sleeveless blouse. While he was close buy I bend down to pick a book from the lower shelf giving him a view of my glorious backside which I think is slightly on the bigger side. As I turned with the book the pallu of the sari slipped off my shoulders to give him a view of my full and firm breast encased in my blouse. As the blouse was low cut he could see the valley between my breasts. I smiled and put the pallu back. My heart was throbbing and he must have noticed the way my breasts were rising and falling. He excused himself. I was behind a couple of shelfs and I noticed that on that day the library had very few people sitting. From where I was it was not easy from somebody sitting in the library to know what was happening behind the shelves.I was absorbed in reading a book when I suddenly felt somebody close to me. Startled I found the Mr Mohan the librarian standing there with a smile and a book in his arm. Look what I found he announced. It was a pictorial description on evolution of man. He opened the book (which was like an atlas) and held it holding the 2 sides in his two hands. Now for me to see I had to come close, as I came closed I felt his elbow dig into my breast. Me moved his hand to show me the right side of the book and the result was that his elbow traveled from my left to my right breast. I was cooperating with his advances. As his hand rubbed my left and then right breasts I felt excited and my nipples grew in anticipation. I guess he felt them as his hand stopped across my chest, he wanted to savour the twin pressure. He put the book on the shelf in front and as moved forward to look at he mr mohan took his position behind me. For the first time I felt his manhood on my backside. He was still going through the notions of showing me the book while I was past caring. He was really close to me as I could feel his staff right in between my ass cheeks through my thin saree.His hands slowly rose to settle on my midriff one on each side. Slowly they rose up to their target. Very soon he had each of my breast one in each palm. He started applying pressure and I was liking it. I was just scared somebody will discover us and I guess that was making it more exciting. Mohan was experienced and it was difficult not to feel good. It was after a long time I had somebody�fs hands on my breasts beside mine. He slowly pressed both of them talking his own time and I could barely keep my eyes open. A slow moan escaped my lips.This encouraged him further, his hands came under the pullo of my saree and slowly he started opening my blouse which had buttons in the front. After he had it com completely unbuttoned he opened it com completely and started pressing my breast over my bra. The bra wasn�t a distraction for long as very shortly he had unhocked it from the back and my 38 breasts were free, very free. He mauled them, kneaded my nipples which were standing as if they had just taken part in a parade, straight and erect. His tool was now buried in between my ass cheeks and I could feel it clearly irrespective of my saree and my panty.My saree started to get raised from the waist up and he slowly slipped to his knees. His hands left my breasts and came in on my legs. Slowly, very slowly they climbed up towards their mission.While his hands moved his face was buried in my ass where he was sniffing as though he had never sniffed a woman�s behind. I had closed my eyes and I was now totally wet between my legs. His hands reached my panties and he slowly dragged them down till they reached the ground. He helped me take it off and put it in his pant pocket. His hand started their upward journey again. While the left hand started snaking around my ass the right came and started playing on my pubic hair. I must admit I have quite a bush. Never thought or could get around to shave it. His hand separated the hair and he slowly played with my clit which got me to jump a little. He inserted one, then two an then three fingers in my pussy. Very slowly he started to finger fuck me. I came before one could say mohan. This pleased him a lot. He took his fingers out from my pussy before I could say no. he pulled my saree up turned me around and put his face to my hot spot. His tongue started playing with my clit and he would do slow circles on my pussy and within no time I came again. I was worried shit that we would be caught but didn�ft have the power to stop mohan.He again turned me around and slowly pushed me head down so that my ass was jutting out in the air. He pulled up my saree so that it was bunched at my waist, my blouse was open, my bra hanging near my neck and my boobs were hanging in the air like ripe fruit ready to be picked. Mohan unzipped his pant and took out his tool. For the first time I felt skin against skin and I came again. He didn�t need help, it was medium size tool about 6 inches as I guessed. He placed it on the entrance of my tunnel and without much ado shoved it inside. It filled me up com completely. I had to hold the shelf lest I loose my balance. He started to fuck me in slow steady strokes, this guy was good. I came and came and came. The area was cramped and we didn�t have any moving space but mohan was doing his best. I bit my lip to prevent myself from screaming. Cum was running from my tunnel on to my leg and in between his slow steady strokes mohan would bend down and press my hanging fruits and then his hands went back to hold my ass and push his tool deep inside. I have no clue how long I was in that position when suddenly I noticed two girls walking towards our love nest.I guess I froze. Not a very common sight it makes out to be. A middle class married housewife standing in the middle of a library, her sari bunched around her waist, bent over with her blouse open, her bra almost in her mouth and her ripe fruits hanging to be plucked. I guess the very thought of it would make any man or woman either shit with fright or get very excited depending on your orientation.My freeze traveled all the way down to my tunnel and I guess Mohan sensed it as he suddenly had his tool firmly held in between my legs. Suddenly it brought a whole new feeling, of being filled and static, no movement. A fresh set of eruption happened and I suddenly didn�t care of being caught. Mohan was taken totally unaware and he kind off got all confused. Anyway he was a good guy to think on his feet and his slow strokes now acquired a new intensity.Through my smoke filled eyes I saw the girls walk towards our love nest and for some apparent reason turn and walk out of the library. I guess they forgot which books they wanted or could somehow sense a don�t disturb sign somewhere.I guess we carried of for another 10 mts when mohan exploded thick and fast in my tunnel. It was after a long time I felt filled. As he was about to withdraw I used my free hands to hold him to my ass and he slumped over me, both his hands on my boobs, pressing, playing and fondling for another few minutes.His manhood had shrunk after providing me with pleasure and Mohan took it and put it back in his underwear. I quickly adjusted my clothes and tried to appear presentable. Mohan did not want to part with my panty and I let him have it as a gift. Mohan was drained but not satisfied. I guess it was too good to be true for him too. He whispered me to come to his room in 20 mts. His whisper got me moist between my legs again and I said ok. After he left me I went to the ladies washroom to have a look at myself. As I was washing my face and powdering myself the two girls I saw in my bend over position walked into the room. We smiled at each other and I went out for my next round with Mohan. Mohan's room was at the back of the library and I noticed it had two doors, very convenient I thought. He could be inside and it could appear that the room is locked. I knocked on the door. There was nobody around. The door opened and Mohan pulled me inside. He had his lips on mine and for the first time we kissed, a long deep wet kiss. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and I must admit he kissed well, slowly and deeply. He was in no hurry.As we kissed his hand came and removed the bag from my shoulder. My sari pullo was pulled over, thankfully I had removed the pin, which held it there. He then started removing my sari as we kissed. Slowly the whole garment came off me followed by the petticoat. Now I was naked from waist down, as I tried to open his pant, his hands were already on my blouse and by the time I could open his belt I was standing com completely nude. Very deft I must admit. Mohan then started taking his clothes off while we still continued to kiss.He pushed me slowly back till my ass was pushed against his table. He slowly raised me on his table, opened my legs and lowered himself on my love button. As his tongue flicked on my clit and moved in and out of my hole I couldn't help screaming, this was too much. He carried on, his tongue would go left to right and then right to left and up and down and ooooooooooooh I came and came.By the time I recovered he had stood up and his tool had reacquired its attention position and with his hands on my boobs for support he charged inside. Aah was all I could utter, Mohan had become a animal, his tool was going in and out of my tunnel with a vigor of a young stud and as he inserted and took it out and my boobs shook with excitement. My nipples were dark and erect and I closed my eyes to absorb the intensity of the assault. Yes, yes cum, Mohan cum inside me, I heard my voice saying. He held me on my waist and my boobs were riding on my chest and my bottom was being pounded. I felt his finger come to my hole, he took some cum on his finger and that finger then traveled to my ass and he started moistening my asshole. Anal was something I had never thought in my wildest dreams and as I was in the throes of yet another orgasm his index finger open my second hole and sneaked inside. Ooooohhhh this was too much, while his tool was doing magic in my love hole his finger started dancing in my second hole. It took another few minutes for Mohan to grunt and empty his balls into me. Man this was too much for me for a single day. As I got up from the desk I couldn�ft stand up. I was feeling all horny and wet and I was ready for some more but it was time to go back. I sat down to catch my breath, wore my clothes applied my makeup and gave Mohan a thank you and goodbye kiss. I looked and felt all fucked up but thankfully it was evening time and I knew I could go home without being caught.In fact it had become rather late to get an auto from the library to my home so I decided to take a public bus back home. As it was evening time the buses were crowded, as I climbed on to one of them, there was this college kid sitting on a seat reserved for ladies. He smiled at me and got up to offer the seat. I thanked him and sat down, I needed it as my legs were still very wobbly. The kid stood next to me. It was evening time and the sun was going down but enough light to see around. The bus was being driven fast and my sari was flying, I could still feel all the wetness between my legs as I was not wearing my panty. As the bus became more crowded I felt the kids leg on my shoulder. I closed my eyes to think of the day gone by when I felt something hard on my shoulder. I opened my eyes, what I felt was this kid hard on. Oh no he was having a fantastic view of my boobs while he stood and he had got hard. With each jerk and each swing of the bus he started rubbing his manhood against my shoulder. I was already horny and wet and wobbly.

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