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My Wife And I Encounter An Adult Arcade

My wife and I Encounter an Adult Arcade

By El - Apr 2, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 21375 My wife and I have passionate sex but we are always looking for new ways to share the experience. I have thought long and hard about her getting fucked by another guy and even hinted about it to her. She thought I was joking andically replied only if she was drunk and it was spur of the moment. This gave me an idea.
So one night we wereing back from the bar after having too many drinks when we passed a 24-hour adult arcade. Seeing my wife sitting there in her black, form-fitting dress showing off the cleavage of her 36D breasts made me so horny that I turned around. My wife asked what I was doing but I only replied that we were going to the adult arcade because I had to have her right away and in a really kinky manner. The seductive smile and look in her eyes told me that she was just as horny as I.
We entered the adult theater and after paying, made our way into the theater itself. It was very dark inside with the strong smell of sex and semen lingering in the air. On the screen was a beautiful young women in the throws of a gang bang that she truly enjoyed. We made our way to a row of seats away from a few men sitting by themselves (no doubt masturbating to the young girl on the screen). We sat down and my wifementd that she is really drunk and maybe we should leave. Looking at her breasts and those thighs, I convinced her to stay by slowly kissing her neck.
At this point a stranger sat down beside my wife and slowly unzipped his pants revealing a huge, thick 9" cock. I am not gay but it even impressed me as it lay atop his large balls obviously full of cum. In the heat of the moment I took my wife's hand and slowly moved it over to the man's cock which instantly began swelling with blood. My wife took the cock in her hand and began stroking the long shaft bringing it to a rock hard state. I then took my hand and slowly slid it up her thigh bringing her dress up to the point which exposed her panties and the lower portion of her stomach. The man looked at her panties and me so I took his hand and placed it at the mid point of my wife's thigh. I started to chicken out so I told the man he could touch her everywhere except inside her panties. The stranger nodded so I helped him pull the top of my wife's dress down exposing her beautiful tits. He instantly started licking her nipples causing them to rapidly become perky. I joined in on the action by licking and biting the other nipple. My wife moaned and groaned in pleasure, stroking the strangers cock and gyrating her hips in sexual excitement.
As I foddled my wife's breasts I saw the stranger slide his hand up the inside of her thigh and rub his fingers along the side of my wife's panties. Knowing my wife's dripping wet pussy was on the other side of those panties almost made me cum right there. He slid his fingers over her clit and down pussy slit faster and faster causing my wife to loudly moan and grind her pussy into his fingers.
I saw the stranger move his fingers to the side of my wife's panties tracing a line along the edge of her panties. At that point I was so hard I closed my eyes as I stroked my cock harder and harder. I heard my wife moan even louder so I looked over and noticed that the stranger had taken his fingers slightly underneath the edge of wife's panties and slid it over exposing half of my wife's nicely trimmed pussy. I sat there in awe as I saw him slip his two fingers down her slit and slowly slide them in her pussy! I couldn't believe what just happened, the stranger had his fingers in my wife's pussy; I was so horny at what I saw that I nodded and let decided to let him have his way with her.
The stranger saw my nod and took his fingers out of her pussy so he could move closer and slid her panties down her legs and took them off. I knew he wanted to fuck her as much as I did so I took one of her thighs and slowly spread her leg exposing her dripping wet, tight little hole. By the size of his cock, I knew my wife was in for the fuck of her life. The stranger spread her other leg and got up to get in front of her. My wife laid there, legs spread wide, pussy spread open revealing her hole and her breasts hanging out with rock hard nipples; the sight was incredible. He took her legs in each hand and slowly moved his cock closer to her honey pot. It all happened in slow motion as she wrapped her legs around him and he slowly slid his huge cock down her pussy slit and slowly inserted his cock head into her pussy. After he worked a few inches into her pussy, the stranger slid his cock to the hilt into her, I knew it was too late now, my wife was in the process of getting fucked by a complete stranger who by now was fucking her so hard that his balls were clearly slapping against her tight ass.
As they fucked my wife's moaning became so loud that another stranger came over and began foddling her breasts. I couldn't contain myself anymore and came all over myself as the stranger drove his cock balls deep into my wife blowing his load deep inside her pussy. This caused my wife to grab my arm and the stranger's arm standing over her (the one fondling her tits) in a death grip that she does when shees. As my wife cam with this huge cock in her, the stranger tried to drive it deeper into her pussy which only heightened her orgasm.
The stranger then kissed her breast said she was the fuck of the century. He pulled his huge cock dripping with his cum and her pussy juices out of her, zipped up her pants, lightly tapped her pussy and left. As he left he said she might be my wife but just had his cock in her and now his cum. He left my wife with cum dripping out her swollen pussy. She laid there a few moments as the other stranger slid his hand down to my wife's pussy and stuck two fingers in her.
I sat there in estacy, cum over the both of us excitedly wondering what was going to happen next. . . . .

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