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Female Erogenous Zones

Female Erogenous Zones

How to give a woman an orgasm? Women_s genitals are a sensitive and complex nerve network, and it is up to you to find it. Here we_re going to get up close and personal with the ins and outs of the female sexual anatomy and response, and you will find out how to give a woman an orgasm. I will break in two ways: namely, the external anatomy (vulva) and internal anatomy (vagina). We_ll start with the external structures, because here we find the very sensitive clitoris. The key, of course, to almost every single orgasm any woman has. External Female Sexual Anatomy The clitoris: The clitoris is a small and very sensitive organ that is very important for sexual response in women. There are two main parts of the clitoris (external): 1. The shaft 2. The glans (or the clitoral head) The glans is visible, sticking out like a small lump. The shaft disappears into the body beneath the clitoral hood, which is a layer of tissue that passes around the clitoris. The clitoris varies for different women, as penis size varies among men. Women have been blessed with a sexual organ, not for reproductive purposes _ but only for getting pleasure. It has over 8, 000 nerve endings which are intricately networked with the nerves throughout the pelvic region. The shaft of the clitoris extends into the body and then splitting into two legs forms an upside down _V_ (the clitoral crura) which lie on the both sides of the vaginal opening. But the main feature of the inner part of the clitoris is the fact that the clitoris surrounds the urethra (the passage where the urine exits the bladder). What does this mean? It means that the pleasurable sensations of stimulating the _G-Spot_, is through contact with the inside of the clitoris. How to give a woman an orgasm? Keep reading! This may also explain the vaginal orgasm, because the internal parts of the clitoris are stimulated. Mons pubis: Mons pubis is the fatty pad of tissue that is covered by pubic hair. It is located at the top of the pubic bone and on top of the internal structures of the clitoris. Inner Lips (Labia Minora): The labia minora are the fleshy hairless inner lips that lie on either sides of the vaginal entrance. The inner lips come together at the top forming the clitoral hood. Outer Lips (Labia Majora): The outer lips are rounded pads of fatty tissue lying on either sides of the vaginal entrance. Fourchette: You_ll find it at the bottom of the vagina, where the inner lips meet. Perineum: The perineum most commonly referred to as the _taint_, is the area between the vaginal opening and the anus. Anus: Although she may disagree with you, the anus is a very erogenous zone. But to stimulate it does not require penetration. The anus has a high concentration of nerve endings, and can feel pleasurable when stimulated. Remember however that any anal play requires careful attention to hygiene, because the anus and rectum contain bacteria. Interior Female Sexual Anatomy Vagina The vagina is a tube-shaped organ where the penis is inserted during sex :-) But what you might not know is that most of the nerve supply to the vagina to the lower 1/3, near the entrance. In other words, the most sensitive area of a woman_s vagina is near the front. howtogivewomenorgasm howtogivewomenorgasm On the other hand, the deeper two-thirds of the vagina contain hardly any nerve endings! Cervix The cervix is located at the back of the vagina, and is the opening to the uterus. howtogivewomenorgasm howtogivewomenorgasm Although the cervix has no sexual function, you should be aware of it during intercourse. The cervix is sensitive to pleasure, and could actually bruise it during sex if you are thrusting to hard. If you have a long penis, then chances are you_ll be hitting the cervix as you are thrusting in. Some women enjoy it when others will tell you that it is irritating. If that_s the case, you might need to change your thrusting angles or sexual position. howtogivewomenorgasm howtogivewomenorgasm
Someone with long experience!

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