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Simone Learns To Enjoy The Whip

Simone Learns to Enjoy the Whip

By Phantastique - Aug 16, 2009 - From spanking-stories. Spanking stories - Views - 49381 Back in her room Simone took off her tight jeans and red top and took a look at herself in the mirror. Looking over her shoulder she admired the three pink-red stripes on the crowns of her butt cheeks. She traced the stripes with one finger and wondered why the slight burning sensation gave her so much pleasure. She decided to take a shower and get herself ready for Anthony. He was still talking to Mistress Himiko, she didn’t know about what.
The shower made her feel relaxed and refreshed at the same time. What to wear? She decided on a white bustier with hook closures on the back. It worked like a small corset, showing off her narrow waist while pointing attention to her proud swelling bottom cheeks. As an added bonus the bustier had only half cups in front that lifted her breasts but didn’t cover her nipples. The matching panties consisted of a tiny triangle of cool satin in the front and a spaghetti like string in the back. She decided against stockings but selected a white pair of slippers with stiletto heels.
With a knowing smile she lowered her bare seat onto the leather vanity chair. As expected, the cold touch of leather was a definite turn-on. She put on some lipstick and just at the moment she applied a final touch of mascara to her eyebrows Anthony returned. Their eyes met in the vanity mirror and Anthony picked up the silver hairbrush. He loved brushing her long blonde hair and Simone rather enjoyed being served like royalty.
“Turn around, Simone.”
Simone turned on the vanity chair to face Anthony. He got down on his knees and used his hands to spread her legs wider apart. He kissed her inner thighs, where the skin is ultra-soft, and slowly worked his way towards her white satin string panties. By the time his tongue licked around the string just beneath the triangle of satin her heart was beating wildly. He sucked on her thin satin panties and Simone was unable to control her moaning. It was amazing how quickly Simone got wet with her own juices again, considering that she already climaxed twice that day. Anthony loved the taste of her juices, but he didn’t want her to come. Not yet.
“Why don’t you pour us some wine, Simone?”
He could have poured it himself, but obviously he wanted to watch Simone walking across the room and back. Simone got up, pulled her string panties up and straight, and then walked with a perfect posture. The high heels exaggerated the sway of her hips just a little, like a knowing seductress she walked, and those three red stripes on her bottom only added to the wanton sexiness of her elegant strut.
“I love this huge four poster bed, ” she said and leaned against one of the massive wooden beams. “You can tie me to it when I need to be punished, ” she added mockingly before she turned again to walk to the dresser to get the wine. Anthony took off his clothes and waited for her at the bed.
Simone handed him one glass and while they clinked glasses she grabbed his cock and squeezed it gently. His penis was already hard because he had watched her walking, but in her skillful hand it grew even bigger. She let go and took the glasses to put them on the nightstand.
“You want to whip me now?” she asked again, playfully while glancing at him.
“Simone, this isn’t a game. Are you sure you want to stay here? Didn’t you see how Hana got it from Mistress Himiko? They don’t do little spankings here. Do you understand? ”
“I understand. I want to get it that way too. Just thinking about it makes me wet.”
“You’ll be caned again, ” Anthony whispered into her ear while caressing her bottom with both hands. “With thin bamboo switches. With your panties down. Understand?”
Anthony pushed one hand into the front of her panties and rubbed with his index finger right between her love lips. Simone placed her hand over his and guided him; she wanted him to rub harder, in a slow rhythm. She put her other arm over his shoulder to hold him tight and close, panting with lust, her eyes closed and her mouth wide open. Just before she reached orgasm Anthony pulled his hand out of her panties.
“Get on the bed, on all fours. Crouch for me, crouch like a tiger, Simone.”
It was easy for Simone to strike that pose, she loved getting it from behind. She spread her knees apart and raised her bottom up, gracefully arching her back while her tummy was flat on the bed. With her thighs spread apart Anthony could see the tiny droplets of her juices on her skin, right next to her soaking wet thong panties. She was wide open and ready for him, but too much so, she was too greased to give a man pleasure.
Anthony picked up his belt and took it double: “Keep still, darling.”
Craaacckk-Smaaacckk! Anthony had taken a full swing, whipping the belt down and across her left butt cheek. Her bottom bounced from the impact and Simone let out a shriek. Simone gulped hard and held back her tears. She knew he was waiting for her to raise her ass up again, with her stomach flush on the bed. She arched her back again.
Craaacckk-Smaaacckk! The second lash landed on her right butt cheek. She couldn’t see the broad welts, but the pain that ran up her spine gave her a good idea what her bottom must look like. Anthony took down her panties and put his hand between her legs. She was still wet, of course, but no longer wide open. The belt had done its job.
“Get a little closer to the edge, Simone, ” Anthony said and grabbed her by the waist. She reached back with one hand to grab his penis and guide him into her slit. Inch by inch he pushed his hard cock inside her, causing Simone to gasp for air. She was tight but well greased, and the pleasure from his cock soon overshadowed the pain from the belt whipping. Simone began to move her ass to meet his strokes in a rhythm. Anthony grabbed Simone by her hair and pulled her head back, he wanted to see her face while he fucked her.
Lust and wantonness glittered in her eyes and the tears caused by the two lashes with his belt had messed up her eyeliner. Little pearls of sweat formed on the skin of her back. She reached back with her hands to grab his bottom, to pull him against her, to get fucked deeper and deeper. She wanted to take all of him in. She finally came with a loud gasp, a heavenly orgasm that made her see stars. Anthony pumped his cum into her, he preferred coming inside her. Arm in arm they embraced on the bed, tired and exhausted.
They slept almost until noon the next day. They had coffee in bed and Anthony explained more about the Institute. It functioned more like a private country club with exclusive memberships. About half of the members were Japanese, also many from Europe, but just a few Americans. Once a girl has been through training it is up to her to visit members in their home countries, all expenses paid of course on top of a large salary. It was not just about being submissive, on the contrary, she would also learn how to dominate. Most likely Simone would have to whip Hana during the coming days. Simone would learn how to be a perfect fantasy, to play a role like an actress while making it feel real.
“So, when does my training start?” Simone asked.
“Tomorrow, darling. There’s a schoolgirl uniform in the closet there. You can try it on later. It’s back to school for you.”
Later in the afternoon Anthony had himself driven into town to do some shopping, but Simone had to stay at the institute. She was not allowed to leave until after graduation unless she wanted to opt out of the institute training. She had no intention to do so.
After Simone went for a swim in the pool she took a shower. Afterwards she put on her short jeans, really short jeans, daisy dukes they call them. She didn’t think anybody was watching her, so she didn’t put on a top when she stepped out on the terrace. The sun had already set but the air felt warm, caressing her skin. She was surprised to see Hana approaching, especially the way she was dressed, in a schoolgirl uniform. So they selected Hana for training too?
“Hi there, Simone.”
“Hi, Hana. Where are you going?
“Just over to the stable. I’m supposed to put this whip back where it belongs, ” Hana said and glanced at Simone’s breasts. “I like your shorts, with the buttons up front, that’s cool.”
Simone kept staring at the whip in Hana’s hand. She wondered whether Hana’s bottom was still blistered. Because she was so curious she actually asked Hana to show her backside.
“I will, if you open the buttons of your shorts and start fingering yourself. You have to learn that anyway, masturbating in front of an audience. When your face is flushed you are even prettier!”
“In front of an audience?” Simone laughed. “They want to see a girl please herself? That’s it?”
“No, that’s not all. But they want you to behave badly. So there is a reason to punish you.”
“And will I get punished if I finger myself now?” Simone asked and unbuttoned the front of her shorts. She glanced at the slick leather whip in Hana’s hand and began to rub her slit.
“Now? No, nobody will punish you today. Unless you want me to?” Hana raised her arm with the whip. Then she turned and lifted her skirt for Simone. The welts on her bottom had turned black and blue and shades of violet. “It will take a few more days, but I use Aloe Vera gel, you know, the kind you use for sunburns, it works wonders on my blistered ass. I can even sit down on it already!” Hana laughed.
Simone was fascinated by the site of that black and blue bottom. Almost unconsciously she pushed one finger into her pussy.
“Want to come with me to the stable?” Hana didn’t have to ask Simone twice.
Walking in those tight shorts was a delight in itself. Simone wasn’t wearing any panties underneath, so the hard seam of the jeans rubbed with every step between her pussy lips. Once in a while Simone grabbed herself to make sure the seam was just in the right place. Once they arrived at the stable Hana took her to the tack room, the room with the saddles and riding gear.
“You like the smell of leather, Simone?” Hana asked and caressed Simone’s breast with the whip. She reached between Simone’s legs: “This feels wet, Simone. Have you been bad?”
Hana took Simone to the saddle stand that had the wrist and ankle cuffs attached to it. Because Simone was tall Hana placed a thick leather cushion over the back part of the saddle.
“Ok, spread your legs, Simone.”
Hana buckled the leather cuffs around Simone’s ankles
“Now, lean forward, your tummy on the saddle. Wait! Keep your legs straight. Here let put the cushion in place, right under your hips. Now stretch your arms out, Simone, so I can cuff them. Ok. Com comfortable? Just one more thing…”
Hana went and got a broad leather strap and used it to pin down Simone’s waist, just above her hips, in effect strapping her tummy flush onto the flat leather saddle. As a result Simone was forced to arch her back, with her ass up over the leather cushion. The short jeans, covering only about half of her bottom, looked so tight that they might burst at any moment. Simone was helpless and secured. Hana was in charge now.
“How does it feel, Simone? Are you excited or afraid? Afraid of getting your ass whipped?”
“No. Excited. Give me… let’s say… five lashes with that slick leather whip you carried.”
Hana took off her shirt, then picked up the whip. To measure her distance she put the length of the whip over Simone’s jeans bottom and pulled it as she stepped back, about five feet. Hana took a firm stand.
Simone listened to the awful swooshing sound and a split second later the single tail of braided leather cracked across her up-turned rump: Craaacckk-Smaaaaaccckkk! Simone buckled in her bonds; the agony of the pain was unbelievable. Tears burst into her eyes. Good thing she was strapped over the saddle so tight, that way she couldn’t move.
“One!” Hana said and gave Simone a full minute to recover.
Swoooossshhh-Smaaaaccckkk! “Two! ”
This time the slick tail of leather landed on the part of her ass just above her thighs, where most of her bottom was bare. The pain was so intense she couldn’t breathe for a couple of seconds. She struggled so hard that she actually moved the creaking saddle stand a few inches forward. The struggle made her daisy duke bottom look even sexier, as if inviting the lash.
Craaacckk-Smaaaaaccckkk! “Three!”
Simone was howling now, with drool running out of her mouth. She twisted her ass left and right, but Hana waited until Simone was calm again.
“Please stop, Hana! Stop! No more! Untie me!”
“You said five. How are you going to handle it when Mistress Himiko thrashes your ass? She’ll give you fifty or more, on your bare ass, Simone! And she’s twice as strong as I am.”
Swoooossshhh-Smaaaaccckkk! “Four!”
Simone shook her head wildly with disbelief. Her whole body shivered as she cried out loud, and again she pushed the saddle stand a couple of inches forward. The slick leather whip printed serious looking welts on her bottom, welts she would admire later.
Craaacckk-Smaaaaaccckkk! “Five!”
Hana curled up the whip and watched Simone twisting and twitching on the saddle stand. She hung the whip over a hook on the wall, next to all the other whips and crops. Then she took a bottle of Aloe Vera gel and gently spread it over the bare parts of Simone’s bottom. It had an immediate cooling effect.
“Thanks, Hana. Can you untie me now?”
Hana unbuckled the broad strap around Simone’s waist, and then uncuffed her hands and ankles. She stroked Simone’s hair and helped her stand up. Simone was surprised when Hana kissed her on the mouth.
“Simone? Can I tell you something? I… I enjoyed whipping you. You are the sexiest girl I’ve ever touched. And your bottom looks fantastic when it gets lashed. Are you angry with me? ”
“No. But next time it’s you getting five lashes from me, understood?”
They laughed and got on their way back to the house.
A continuation of "A college girl whipping" written by Michelle from phantastique.

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